Since its inception in July of 1994, the driving force behind the development of TLC Advantage, L.L.C. has remained constant: to recruit quality providers to join the TLC network who offer health care services at negotiated, favorable rates.

Today, over 16,000 medical providers strong, TLC has become the largest Preferred Provider Network in the region that is not owned by the medical community. While TLC continues to add to their provider list daily, quality remains the number one priority. TLC accepts only those medical providers that meet high credential criteria.

TLC currently provides network access to all the major health systems in South Dakota. It is estimated that the majority of South Dakota workers’ compensation bills go through the TLC network. TLC also offers network access to several large health carriers.

By using a TLC provider, individuals will maximize cost savings for medical services as well as minimize their paperwork. Although individuals are not required to use the network providers, it is to their benefit as they will receive network rates and be assured of quality providers.

Participation in the network also benefits the member providers. TLC assists providers in maintaining their customer base and promoting quick turnaround in account settlement by payers.

It takes a team of dedicated professionals to carry out the day-to-day functions of a fast-growing provider network. To keep the network up-to-date and facilitate its continued growth, the experienced TLC staff handle everything from recruiting new quality providers, to repricing the discount health care services.

To provide services outside our region, TLC has created a working relationship with MultiPlan in an effort to provide our clients with the most cost-effective comprehensive healthcare access. MultiPlan has over 900,000 providers under contract including hospitals, ancillary care facilities and healthcare professionals. This coupled with TLC’s encompassing network in the upper midwest, provides a complete nationwide network.